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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

13 Days in Counting...

until the ELECTION HAPPENS ~ Hallalujuah!

Don't get me wrong, I think all that is going on in the political world exciting. The start of a new era, and changes for our country. But I am tired of the mean smear ads on tv, the endless analysis, the signs & posters, etc.

I can honestly say, I do not care who wins - I'm not a diehard political person (like the rest of my family who are obsessed), but I really would love to see Barack Obama win the election. I'm voting for Obama and Biden to win. And according to everyone around me....they are the best canidates for the whitehouse! I think it is so cool that America finally has a GOOD chance of having an African American President!! I think that is just awesome!

I have to admit even though I'm voting for Barack - and am not supposed to like McCain or Palin...I gotta say that I LOVE PALIN'S STYLE!! I know she has wardrobe people & hairstylist, but she always looks so nice!! I wish I had the time...and/or money to do that!! But I have also heard (news flash today that she (and the Republican Party) spent over $150k on clothes...I wish I had money to do that! *sigh* I have an addition...and that would be to clothes!!

My mom and dad are absolutely addicted to CNN & MSNBC (especially Keith Obermann & Rachel Maddow) and I'm not sure what they'll do when the election is over!! Tonight I sat and watched those two shows with my dad & Kelly, and they both just reported the same news...then my mom gets home and immediatly wants to know 'what's new, anyone new endorce anyone, etc" - blah blah blah! It was boring, and not that enjoyable!

Anyway, 13 days until we all vote for president...I hope you all are making an informed decision (I know I am - haha) and vote for who you think will best run our country for the next 4 years!

Julia: Go Obama!!!!! :)

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