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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Julia....My Mom & MacKenzie's Surgery

This morning was MacKenzie's surgery to remove the bump on her neck. I met Alec, Julia & MacKenzie at Overlake Hopsital at 6:20am (yes, I got up early ). Since Mac was the youngest patient of the day she got to have her surgery first, so it was nice we didn't have to wait to long.

We sat in the waiting room for quite awhile before they finally called us back. MacKenzie 'met' with her pre-op nurse who went over the basic information and any initial concerns Julia or Alec had. She then had Julia dress Mac in one of those adorable baby hospital gown. The top was so long that it went down to her toes!! She had a hard time walking in it!

A short time later we met the anesthesiologist, Mac's doctor performing the surgery and then her operating nurse. After all those visits, we again just waited. MacKenzie & I went for a walk down the hall and as we were walking back her operating nurse picked her up and carried her back to Julia & Alec. She told us she wanted to just sneak MacKenzie away from us if that was okay so there wasn't any drama. So back Mac went and we went back to the waiting room.

We sat twiddling our thumbs in the waiting room and trying to make small talk with each other to keep our minds off of what was going on. I wandered down to find breakfast (sorry Alec I forgot your food but mine was yummy!). Luckily the surgery went by fast and before we knew it (about 30minutes later) Dr. Anonsen was coming out to tell us, that it was done, everything went perfectly and MacKenzie was doing great. A short time later we got to go back to the post-op room where MacKenzie was.

It took about 30minutes for Julia & Alec to be able to settle MacKenzie down. She was so upset, I felt so bad for her! She was quite a trooper though. They finally got her calmed down and she drank a bottle and fell asleep.

Julia...My Mom...
Once Mac had settled down we just sat around waiting for things to get finished up. Her nurse asked if I was Auntie and I said 'no more of her sister' pointing at MacKenzie. She apparently thought I meant Julia, and said 'so you are auntie'. At this point Alec, Julia & I are looking at eachother, I know they were waiting to see what I would say, so I decided to have some fun. I responded with 'no I'm MacKenzie's sister' and she looked at me and then at Julia and asked 'and your mom is..." and I pointed to Julia.

The nurse looked at us dumbfounded, then said, 'well i can totally see the resemblence, you guys look just alike'! We all started giggling, but she didn't seem to notice! When the nurse finally left, Alec made the comment 'guess its a good idea she didn't ask how old I was, because I would have only been 10 when you were born and Julia would be going to jail for sure!' We all just laughed!

I'm very happy that MacKenzie's surgery went so fast and well! It is such a relief for Julia & Alec to know that it's all done and went fine!

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