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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Success in Nursery!!!

Today was an AWESOME day in nursery....I single-handedly was able to get Ellie to stop crying and almost participate in nursery! It started out a little bit better then normal. Her dad came in with her and sat her in the front row for our 'welcome time' and she actually sat there without crying and looked at the book and smiled When we were moving on to our activity time her dad said 'she's going to be upset whenever I leave, so I just need to go' and he said he'd wait outside the door and we could grab him if we needed too.

I was the lucky one to get to pick her up. She screamed bloody murder (even with her binky shoved in her mouth). I quickly remembered last week she was okay for awhile with Dawn when she was humming Primary Songs to her. So I quickly started humming and signing I Am A Child of God and her screaming became more of a wimper as she listened to the song. I quickly ran out of songs, so I turned out the CD player we had and hummed along with the songs on it. And she continued to stay calm (still wimpering from time to time). Barb, Brian & Jen were impressed, but didn't dare look at us, because everytime someone would Ellie would lose it.

We sat at the table during snack time (she didn't eat, but at least was quiet), and then we got out puzzles. She really enjoyed the puzzles and began to interact a little bit more with me (other then just glaring or wimpering). I was even able to put her down and she stood infront of me while working on the puzzle She was happier (still not screaming ) when we had music time with Brother Hunt. Then was the big test....
We had to change rooms and go down to the big nursery room for toy & free playtime. My fear was she was going to freak (or her parents would be in the hall) during this transition. She did get worked up a bit during the move, but I was able to calm her down fairly quickly. When we made it to the big room, we colored and played with stencils. Then Samantha brought her a baby doll which she happily held and played with, I even saw her smile!! We also got down on the floor and played with the toys, and she didn't even get upset when other parents started to come! However, when her mom showed up she lost it...Go figure she had to show her mom how awful nursery had been. Her mom of course knew otherwise since she saw her happily playing!!

Should be interesting to see how next week goes!! I have to admit I do have a headache right now, but now I have some tricks of what may help Ellie next week! I know that ... Ellie LOVES music, puzzles and baby dolls! So I will keep that knowledge in my mind for next week, when I'm sure we will get to start all over again!! But each week will be a little bit easier! I was so happy when her mom showed up to PICK HER UP, opposed to us always taking Ellie to her! Big step for both Ellie and myself!! YAY ME!!

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