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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Challenge Have I Overcome?

Today I was looking at the '07-'08 nursing application at SPU (this years isn't out yet) to start thinking about my essay questions...and the one that stuck out at me is to Discuss A Challenge I Have Overcome in My Life.

I wish I had something profound like I was an orphan who was in and out of foster care growing up and made it. Or I have a serious physical disability that has limited me. But I have had nothing like that in my life. I have lived a really great - cushioned life. My parents never have been divorced, no one close to me has passed away, nor have any real medical issues come my way.

I have had many 'minor' challenges I have overcome - surviving through school and these hideous science classes even though I wasn't good at them and had to take many over and over. I have gotten through severe depression/OCD/anxiety (or am getting through) and am moving on. My own 'sister' was ripped from my family twice and I have managed to (working on) getting through that as well. I've had broken bones, torn rotatorcuffs, and skinned knees - but none of that sounds like its Nursing Application worthy.

For those of you that know me...can you think of anything I have overcome? I really want my application to shine, but I am at a loss for what to write. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!!

xoxo, Cori

P.S. Jaime is 24 weeks today - yipppppeee!! That means viability if something drastically goes wrong!! But she will make it to fullterm, she can do it!! Tomorrow I get to go with her (& Madison) to her 24 week appointment! I've never been before so I'm excited!

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