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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Toys & Togs Tagging 101

After about a week of tagging, I'm happy to announce Charity is officially READY for the Emoms Toys & Togs Sale! What's the Toys & Togs Sale you ask... funny you should ask, I happen to have a flier right here:

Toys & Togs Sale
Sponsored by EMOMS –Eastside Mothers of Multiples
October 11, 2008
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Everything for the Well-Equipped Baby and Child
Mostly gently used and some new merchandise

Clothing – preemies to juniors & teens
Cribs, changing tables, bassinets
Car seats, strollers, toddler seats
High chairs, potty chairs, rocking chairs
Rattles, games, dolls, books, videos, DVDs
Bottles, diapers, bibs, training pants
Nursery decorations, crib bedding
Maternity clothing, nursing equipment
Outdoor toys and play equipment

Bellevue Community College Gym
3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue

1) Laundry baskets and open shopping carts are welcome. Duffels, shopping bags and similar items will not be allowed into the sale.
2) Sorry, credit cards will NOT be accepted. Bring cash or a checkbook with proper ID.
3) All sales are final. While we strive for quality, gently used merchandise, occasionally, items with minor flaws included among our
merchandise selection. Inspect your items carefully before purchase.

More info: (FAQ, map of gym, holding forms) or

Tagging takes a TON of time and energy, so it's always nice when it's done! EVERY single item that you want to sell must have a 3x5" index card attached to it with your name, price, size & description of the item ALL in a specific order! When we finished tagging Charity's items - she had 7 of the HUGE bins filled with clothes, toys, accessories, shoes, etc. plus a large laundry basket full! Charity normally makes anywhere from $500-$1000 on her items - and that is after Emoms takes 10% for themselves! So it is quite amazing!! If you live in the area - I highly recommend you come check it out! Plus you can meet me - myself and Charity (she's the one with the multiples (9yo GGG triplets) are the Team Leads of the TOYS SECTION! We will be in the chaos wearing red can't miss us!

This was an 'easy' sale for me because only Charity was selling! There have been past sales when Charity, Jaime (selling as "Paul", Charity's husband because you have to have twins or more to join!) and Julia all sell - and I am the primary tagger extrodinaire for all! Julia was the high seller a few years back making over $1600 and I think Charity was the 'runner-up" seller with around $1200. I think I single handedly tagged everyone of those items! All that out of the goodness of my heart - since I make zip....except for a yummy thank you dinner after the sale!

I absolutely LOVE it though! It is so much fun and a great way to volunteer and give back to the community! Plus over the years, I have dragged Erin, Brandi & Alex all into the chaos and they to help tag and volunteer the days of the sale! So it makes it even more fun!

The craziness starts Friday night with set-up and then the actual sale is on Saturday!! FUN FUN FUN - I cannot wait!
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