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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Laundry Fun, Nesting & New Brakes

Yep, tonight Brandi, Jaime & I went to the favorite place to hangout!! I didn't do any of my laundry tonight but between them they did like 10 loads of laundry I introduced them to the wonderful world of - do all your laundry at once fun! We arrived about 7pm and left about 915! I think the worker lady was happy to see us go so she could close up! We grabbed Ixtapa on our way out, so that was yummy!!

Jaime is in 'nesting' mode now. We organized (again) all the baby clothes (newborn & 0-3m) and put them away. I also helped her organize her closet and get all her clothes put away/ We also put her infant carrier together to make sure everything was there and to see how it looked! earlier today we went to Alderwood Mall for some shopping!

Oh I did have to get new brakes today I went into get an oil change and new windshield wiperblades and ended up with new brakes...but amazingly my car stops a lot better now So I guess it was worth the money!

This is actually my 8th post in a row i think...haven't missed a day since last Saturday! Yay me!! No church tomorrow since it's General Conference so tomorrow gonna hang out with Jaime & fun!

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