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Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me! Monday: Sleep (or lack there of) Edition

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It definitely was not me who stayed up until 2:00am last night chatting on twitter, facebook, instant messenger and the telephone.  It certainly was not me who couldn’t turn off the the television and close my eyes.  It for sure was not me who at 2:00 in the morning began watching infomercials for the Cricket (love mine!) die-cut machine and then the Magic Bullet, because there was nothing else on at that time!  It really was not me who actually enjoyed watching the infomercials and was relieved my phone wasn’t within reach to order them!  Otherwise, I’m sure I’d be the proud new owner of a second Cricket and a Magic Bullet (which I would love to have!).

Luckily today I didn’t have to work, so you know me it would be so not me to sleep in!  What did I wake up for?  I did not wake up minutes before 10am so I wouldn’t miss my (not) favorite show The Price is Right.  I certainly am not that nerdy!  Oh wait……maybe I am….. 

I am definitely not feeling the effects of lack of sleep from last night and the weekend.  There is no way that I am already in bed at 6:52pm and feel that I could go to sleep at any moment.  I am not trying to keep myself up to watch the end of the Home Run Derby and the Bachelorette.  Really, I’m not!  Or am I?

HAPPY “NOT ME” Monday, everyone!!


Mystee said...

Newest follower from Tag a long Tuesday...

Hope you'll stop by too {5 current giveaways too}

Jacki said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying congrats! I want to say congrats on your recent award as well!

Erin Wallace said...

Here for Tuesday blog hops - your newest follower! Hope to see you at Dropped Sittches!

xo Erin

Monique said...

Hi, new follower from Tuesday Tag Along. Monique xx

Design It Chic said...

I am now following you thanks to Tuesday Tag-Along and it would be nice if you could share back the love on my blog! Also Technical Support is up for grabs if you need help with your blog!:)
Happy Tuesday!!

Cameron said...

I’m a new follower from Tuesday Tag Along! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Show Me Mama said...

I just love the name of your blog :) I am your new follower . Come visit me at

Betsy said...

I cannot handle the sleep deprivation any more, and yet I have a harder time falling asleep than ever before. So, I could NOT relate to you here at all. ;)


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