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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back To Nursery I Went Today

No it isn’t permanent, just a one day escape back to my old calling!!  Oh how I miss nursery!  I spent 3 years as one of the coordinators before being released and going on to Primary for 9-months and then to Relief Society.  With that being said it’s been 18months since I was back “home”!!  I jumped at the chance to go back for one day!

Most of the kids that are now in the nursery weren’t in when I was, except for a couple of kids.  My favorite Ella Bella and Miss Ellie.  These two little girls were itty-bitty when I left – just barely 18-months old.  Ellie and I had a special bond, I was the first one to finally get her to stop crying and stay in nursery!  This was no easy task, I might add.  It took a lot of work on both my part and Ellie’s to get to that point.

Poor Ellie had such stranger anxiety that she would make herself physically sick.  I’m sure her poor gullet had to be burning from the acid coming from her stomach.  I felt awful for her, but kept in her in nursery anyway.  I knew (and her mom agreed), that the best way for her to conquer this fear would be to ride it out!  We finally were successful (you can read my blog back from that day when I had Success In Nursery with Ellie), and I am excited to announce the Ellie is now a proud nursery go-er!

I miss my nursery calling and working with the little kids, but I got lots of “oh we missed you’s” and “Relief Society wasn’t the same without you, don’t leave us again!”  It felt great to feel missed and needed!


Be sure to check out my QOTD on BlogFrog on your blogging!!  How long have you been blogging?  What made you begin?  What's your favorite part about it?!

header 150x150 This post is the first time I am participating in a linked blog game and am sooooo excited to do so!!  I’m participating in a new word game, Word Up, Yo! hosted by Liz of A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, and some blogging friends of hers.  Each Sunday they’ll post a new WOW! (Word Of Week) to be used in a blog post the following week.  This is the first week, and as you probably figured out the WOW! is gullet.  Come join us for some word fun!!  Okay….let’s see if I can do this correctly…..


Natalie said...

Woo hoo! That looks right to me!! Great use of the word, and if fit right in ;)

Ms. Understood said...

Great use of the word and great post. Poor Miss Ellie. Glad it worked out.

Krimmyk said...

It was used perfectly! From Blog frog, thanks for testing out my widget. I couldn't fathom 3 little ones at once, of course, I have one and he's like 3! Thanks again for stopping by!

Bethany said...

Fantastic! I'm in nursery right now and can't say that it's my favorite place to be, but it beats Sunday school a lot of the time! Plus, I've got two of my own kids in there and I guess I gotta pay my dues. :)

Katie's Dailies said...

I applaud you for the use of the word gullet. THat is such an awesome word!

I read your profile that you're a nanny to triplets. Good grief, how do you do it??

Thanks for stopping by earlier! : )

Emily said...

What a great story and what a sweet-sounding little girl! I used to work in a nursery, too, and sometimes I still miss it!

Eileen said...

The pics of the triplets are so precious. God Bless you. You must be a wonderful help to the mommy.

Jill said...

Stopping by from the Word Up! Yo! blog hop. So fun!

KLZ said...

WOW! It sounds like you are an expert care taker.

Sarah said...

Wow... sounds like you had your hands full at the nursery but that it was also a very rewarding experience :)

Stacey said...

I'm visiting for the WOW! I'm always grateful for nursery leaders who love to be there! The kids can totally tell!

Monique said...

Like how you used the word! Good job :)


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