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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Your Average Bucket Swings

I would personally like to thank the inventor of the bucket swing!  Many of you may believe that the typical bucket swing is just for a single child – well you’d be wrong!  These make fantastic swings for two babies!!  They are a god-send for multiples and thank heavens that my employers own 2 of them! 

I can easily push all three kids the extra one I often have, with today being Emmalee!  I also had an extra pusher with the help from Maddie!  I think today alone we spent a good 25 minutes in the swings pushing them “higher and higher”



swinging    DSC_0441DSC_0440

If you have multiples, or two kids similar in size, I highly recommend this method!  You get twice the swinging done in half the time! I’m sure the triplets find swinging to be a treat, because they know that mean old Cori, loathes, the swings.  Why?  Just look above, once they are in they refuse to get out!  Normally ends ugly, with me pulling them kicking and screaming out of the swing – which in turn makes it 10x harder to get them out!  So yeah, I don’t let us swing that often!  Call me mean!  I call myself smart!



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Liz said...


(reposted by Cori after deleting intense-debate comments)

Cori said...


(reposted by Cori after deleting intense-debate comments)

Brittany said...

I nanny for Twins and I totally agree! Parks generally only have one bucket swing, so what else can you do? That and seriously people, it has places for legs on both sides - it was made for two babies! :) One mom was giving me funny looks at the park the other day and I just wanted to say, "Really? Do you have a better idea?!" Power to we nannies of multiples - having our own babies one at a time is going to be a piece of cake!!


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