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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sue & Aaron’s Wedding: 26 years in the making!

Today was my Aunt Sue’s wedding.  She and Aaron have been together 26 years and finally tied the knot in a beautiful backyard ceremony today!  The weather was beautiful, the wedding went off without and hitch and the food was fantastic!  I took 521 photos, guess you can say I got a big snap happy!!  Tonight I’m to busy to go through the photos so I just wanted to post a couple to tied my family over for the night :-)

The beautiful flower girls Madison & Emmalee!  They were the stars of the show!



DSC_0004I’m vain, so here’s a cute picture myself!  I’m vain and really don’t care ha-ha!

DSC_0019love, love, love this photo I got of Emmalee playing with a drink umbrella!       

Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get through all the photos and add more from the festivities today!  I had a great day, but now am ready for bed!!  It’s been a long, stressful few days for my family!

Happy Saturday evening all!


carlotta cisternas said...

Congrats to your aunt! And that last picture is just too cute :)

Amy said...

So happy for your Aunt. Marriage is great. Have a wonderful Sunday..

Liz said...

Those are the cutest flower girls! I love the casual feel of it all.


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