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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who spends $591 on rubber??

Apparently I do :(

I took my car into Les Schwab today in hopes of their being a small hole that they could quickly patch for free and I’d be on my way….yeah, not so much!!  Apparently my drivers rear tire was almost flat had 3 large holes in….seriously did someone come at my tire with a foible, nails, a gun??  Three wholes??  Seriously??  Don’t you think I would have noticed when it happened??

It cost me $591, but it had to be done….nothing you can do about it!  At least now people can’t say Now my car is ready for another 50k miles, but do I really want it for another 50k miles?  That’s more of the question!!

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Krimmyk said...

I spent 801.76 on tires about 2 months ago. Don't feel bad!

After B Comes C said...

Did you have all four replaced, one or two? I feel your pain on the cost though. Last year I got up early to leave on vacation and I had a also wasn't a small repair. It was in the sidewall. Boo on tire replacements!


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