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Friday, June 25, 2010

Alex’s Piano Recital

Tonight was Alex’s Spring piano recital…let me tell you this girl has TALENT!  I wish I could play like she can, if only I’d stuck with piano lessons!!  Like the proud big sister I am, I came with my camera and video camera, only to find out that my video camera didn’t have the memory card in it….so I couldn’t record, I was bummed.  (If you want to check out Alex playing from a year and a half ago, check out HERE.)  So you’ll have to make do with just still photos!

DSC_0451“I’m getting a bit nervous….do I look flushed to you??”

She plays very intensely!  Man her fingers move quickly up and down the ivory!

DSC_0455She also always bites her lips when she’s concentrating!

Love this photo of her…a big smile on her face after she NAILED a super hard song!  She even got an unexpected round of applause by the audience! (We were told not to clap until after each student performs all their songs and this was only her 2nd of 3 songs!)

My sister is so talented, I so wish I had been able to share her music with you tonight.  She plans on playing tomorrow during my Aunt’s wedding reception, so I’ll try to record it then!  She will knock your socks off!

Well, my Aunt is getting married tomorrow in a backyard wedding!  Hope the weather holds out, supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow, but you never know with Seattle weather!  I’m excited because I’m also the photographer of the wedding!  I have never taken a photography class, and am very much an amateur, but am still excited to try!  My Aunt has only three photos she really wants, so that shouldn’t be to hard to achieve!  The rest will just be me taking photos of the fun and festivities!   With that being said, hopefully tomorrow evening I’ll have photos to share, we’ll see how exhausted I am!


I’m participating in Family Friday’s with Peterson St. Louis and Keeping Up with the Schultz Family blogs!



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Amy said...

Sorry I am a day late but I wanted to say a huge Thanks for joining in for Family Fridays. What an amazing piano recital. I have long fingers and everyone always told me I should play.. Have a great weekend.

liz said...

YAY for your sis! And have a blast at the wedding!


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