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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big 2-7 for Jaime!

Today marked Jaime’s 27th birthday…man that is OLD!  Poor lady!  Oh well, I guess she has a lot going for her, so life’s not so bad :-) We celebrated this afternoon in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine [insert Hallalujah Choir].  Yes, ladies and gentleman the sun was shining today!  Even better, its supposed to be warn (between 67*-80*) for the next week [insert Hallalujah Choir]!  Sorry Jaime, I’m getting off topic – and I know this post is an ALL JAIME POST …. so back to the party!

We hung out, outside all afternoon and the girls played with Madeline and Brendan from next door, and the rest of chit-chat and ate!  Jaime requested my dad’s famous fajita’s so we enjoyed a delicious dinner!




The Birthday Girl!






Beautiful Emmalee






Maddie x 2






 My adorable baby sister Alex



After dinner came presents, Jaime SCORED on gifts!  Lucky girl.  Makes me anticipate my birthday in only 73 days!! 




Emma quickly learned from Maddie how to bring mommy the gifts!






Thanks Emma!






My Dorky Dad!



After presents we did cake.  Now, Alex is normally a FANTASTIC baker!  People request her cakes, cookies, and other goodies, but for some reason this cake did not turn out.  Don’t get me wrong, it tasted fantastic, but it looked awful!  It kept falling apart and took three jars of frosting to somewhat hold it together!  Poor Alex was mortified, but we ate the cake anyway!




The Cake….doesn’t look so bad here!






Again, note my dorky dad!






Make a Wish!!






   The poor AFTER of the cake!



Birthday’s are never perfect in the Benson household, but they are always memorable and fun!  Happy Birthday Jaime hope you birthday was awesome!!



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