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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Plethora of Posts & Pictures!

Yesterday marked my 500th blog post and to think I forgot to announce it…silly me!  I didn’t want to miss my 500th post so for a week I’ve been counting down on my laptop until my 500th post!  Go figure, with the plethora of computers in my house, I didn’t use my laptop and yet one of our desktops….missing the big  5-0-0.  *sigh* what’s a girl to do….post about it today I suppose! 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had a plethora of posts!  My top 3 blogging topics are:

  1. My niece Madison – with 102 posts
  2. My cousin and one of my BFF’s Jaime – with 89 posts
  3. Tied for 3rd with 85 posts – My niece Emmalee and favorite 2nd family the Munro’s!

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to go back and look at past posts!  It’s a great reminder to me of what I’ve done, where I’ve been and where I hope to go!!

Yesterday, I blogged briefly on my Aunt Sue’s wedding, and posted a couple of pictures, but mentioned that I had a plethora of pictures to sort through, 521 of them to be exact, to still go through.  I’m so proud of myself, in less then 24-hours I:

  • downloaded & edited all the photos off the cameras
  • uploaded all the wedding photos to Snapfish for people to order from,
  • put them on a CD for my Aunt to take home with her
  • made a montage of the wedding! 

Phew!  That’s quite the plethora of photography related items, in a short period of time, for me! 

With all that being said here is the wedding montage I made of the plethora of photos that we took yesterday!  Since I know that I know that the majority of my biggest blog fans and followers are my family, here you go…I hope you enjoy the video!!  Congratulations Sue & Aaron, I love you guys!!

header 150x150
Week 3
of Word Up, Yo! a new  word game hosted by Liz from A Belle, A Bean, & A Chicago Dog, KLZ from Taming Insanity and Natalie from Mommy of A Monster!  The word this week was PLETHORA, jump in and play along!!



Anonymous said...


liz said...

Glad the wedding went well! thanks for joining in this week! Pictures are a great thing to have a plethora of.

Sherri said...

Wow, you have a plethora of posts and pics!! The wedding sounds like it was wonderful. Just checking out your blog from Word Up, YO!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Number 500!! That is awesome!

ps, I <3 the word Plethora, I think it's pretty awesome!

Claudia said...

Congratulations - 500 posts are a lot. I have to be careful not to miss my No. 100 - quite close - so not as much as you have - but still a plethora - don't you think?
Congrats as well for managing your pictures. You wouldn't believe that I started a photo album when my third child was born - and I have only like 5 pictures added - she's 15 now..... Of course we have lots of photos - everywhere - but not where you would expect them to be.....

Linda Benson said...

Cori, Wow! the wedding video is fantastic. Thank you for putting this together. I am so proud of you!! xoxoxomom

KLZ said...

Congrats on 500! That surely is a plethora of words.


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