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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Room Redo: Phase 2

Thanks to Amy, I making even more progress in my room redo quest!  Since phase 1 was accomplished on Monday, I would say I am halfway done with my project!! 

Amy & I were able to get all the brown walls painted (3 of the 4 walls) including the dreaded bay window!  Of course we had to document it! 

amy paint

DSCN0685The brown wall
Ignore the odd white dot in the corner!  It’s something with the camera! 

Feeling really excited with the way my room is turning out!  I’d guess I have two more days of painting to go.  I still have to paint the accent wall pink, then have to tackle the ceiling!  NEVER EVER paint your ceiling!  So not looking forward to that!  Oh well, at least I’m making progress!


liz said...

This will be fun to see!!! We completely remodeled our NH home, and I've been showing before & afters of each room on Fridays! I think I'm going to show the dining room tomorrow. Thanks for the visit!!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your room, if hubby would let me, I would definitly have ours pink and brown

Cori said...

Thanks Mama Penguin! I love the colors, I hope tomorrow to be able to paint the final wall, then, Lord have mercy, tackle the cieling!


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