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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Duvall Days 2010

What beautiful weather we had today for Duvall Days!  The weather has been C.R.A.P.P.Y lately, I mean NO nice days.  It’s months like last that make people equate Seattle = Rainy.  Ugh, it’s been wet, cold and miserable!  However, some how Mother Nature knew that we could all use a beautiful day to spend in town!

I worked today, so I took the babies down to Duvall Days to the parade.  I wasn’t quite sure how they would react, but after initial fear they enjoyed it!

DSCN0619My attempt to get a picture of the triplets!

DSCN0622*sigh* Guess there won’t be posed pictures taken today :>

DSCN0636DSCN0631DSCN0633DSCN0627 Can you spot Sophia??

DSC_0401The kids were really excited about their balloons and footballs they got!

After the parade we grabbed Sophia, and headed to the kids area to play!  They had several blow-up bouncy houses, and I had no idea what the triplets were going to think.  They’d either hate it or love it.  Luckily they LOVED it!  Thad had a blast, it was nearly impossible to get them to leave!

They had so much fun in the bouncy house, here’s a video I took.  Please note this was taken on my still-photo camera, and not my video camera so the quality isn’t great!  Still fun nonetheless!

Have a great night!!



P.S. Wanna see how much the babies have grown in a year?  Check out our Duvall Days Post from last year!


alexis nicole said...

I was a Nanny before I had my children. Triplets?! Wow, you are one busy gal. I have 3 and if they were all the same age I would never get a thing done!

Cori said...

Thanks Alexis! It's crazy, but anything less than triplets is *boring* ha-ha!


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