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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RSV Poster Unveiling & Presentation

Today I had my presentations for my RSV poster and I have to say (and not because I am vain, but) my poster was probably the best looking one in the classroom.  For starters, I was the only one who had their poster printed, so it really stood out!  I was shocked to see how many people hadn’t even used a paper cutter to cut their paper.  They obviously just used scissors and just looked very elementary!  Did I mention, my poster rocks!

We had to present our posters in 1-on-1 settings with another peer who graded us.  I had to present 3 times, and then I in turn graded 3 other posters.  So it was really laid back and easy!  I was nervous my first person I presented to, but then got more comfortable! 

My poster will now be graded by both my professors, the Biology Department head, my 2 TAs and the science librarian before we get a final grade.  Our TA’s will pick the #1 poster in my lab and that person gets 20 bonus points…which I could REALLY use!  So I am excited to see how that pans out!

Okay, here’s what all of you have been waiting for, the unveiling of my poster.  I wish I had a picture of me standing by it, but I don’t.  This photo was taken with my phone after I had taped it to the Science Building lobby wall for the final grading!  ….Oh….in order for our posters to get graded by each of the above people, we have to display them in the Science Building Lobby, well since most people had ‘science fair’ boards, they had to set theirs on the floor, but not mine…since it doesn’t ‘stand’ on it’s own I got to tape it to the wall where it totally stands out!  LOVE IT!

Okay okay okay here it is….

final poster

I ended up removing the background that I had in this blog post because it was just to busy…oh and it ended up being REALLY grainy when printed!  I really love how this turned out.  Even my professor said “Oh my gosh, this is beautiful”!  So that felt really good!

1 comment:

Linda Benson said...

Amazing, amazing!!!! How did you do such a professional job? It'a fantastic! Love having your mom here to help me with g-ma. She's probably ready to go. Congrats on the extra 20 pts and I know you'll get there!

Love, Aunt Cindy


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