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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another School Panic Attack

Yes....this quarter is ending with a vengeance, I decided to check my grades (which I have been avoiding for fear of the unknown) and realized my grade is going to be a C+ and I went into panic mode since I need a B- to get into the nursing program. My mom finally talked me into contacting my professor and he actually told me to call him and we'd talk about my grade over the phone. He willingly spent 30minutes on the phone with me going over my grades and trying to figure out what I'd end with. I truly appreciated it.

He found one 'possible' solution to my GPA problem. I took A&P at BCC and it was two 6-credit classes, whereas at SPU the same class is only 5-credits. He suggested talking to my Academic Advisor and see what would happen if it was changed to a 5-credit class and put the remaining 2-points elsewhere. Hopefully that will boost my gpa enough to still cover the C+ that it looks like I am going to receive in the class.

I'm bummed, really bummed, but I have to remember that maybe it was meant to be. Not getting into nursing this year means I can still go on the cruise and take a couple quarters off from school to re-group (I still have to attend Fall Quarter though). So we'll no way am I giving up, I will continue to study hard for my B- in Microbiology and get to the bottom of my credit issue and hope it helps!!

Less then 48-hours from now I'll be on Summer Vacation, and boy am I ready and need it!

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