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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Old Friends

Today Dad, Alex, Kelly & I attend both Sam Knapp & Bianca Sult’s graduation parties.  At both parties there were people that we hardly get to see, so it was really fun to go!!  My dad grew up with Tim, Tom Knapp, Bruce & Tom Landis, so I’ve known these families since I was born!  So it was really fun to catch up and hear all new stories and old ones being retold!

Sam’s Party

At first we attended Sam’s party and in addition to Sam we saw Tim, Tom, Dianne, Maggie, Angie & Gordon!  The weather was once again beautiful and we had a fun outdoor bbq with LOTS of food!!  Maggie’s bbq beans were delicious and I ate like 4 platefuls, wasn’t feeling so hot after the 4th one!! 

DSCN1119Tim & Kelly

Kelly, Sam & Alex

DSCN1124 Alex, Kelly & I

DSCN1126 Alex, Tim, Kelly & I

DSCN1128 Tim & Dad

DSCN1131 Dianne & I

DSCN1132 Tom & Kelly

DSCN1133 Maggie, myself, Alex & Kelly

 Bianca’s Party

Later in the afternoon we headed over to the Sult’s to celebrate Bianca’s graduation.  After spending several hours in the sun it was nice to be inside in air conditioning!  It was great to see everyone there too!  We saw lots of the Sult’s family that we hadn’t seen in a long time!  Moniece’s mom, Mona, was there and I hadn’t see her in years, so it was great to catch-up with her!!  Other than that we had more food and a lot more reminiscing!


DSCN1141Bianca & Bruce

DSCN1143 Bianca & Moniece

DSCN1153 Tom & Bianca

DSCN1158Mary & Dad

Mom is still down in Salt Lake, so she missed all our fun today, but she comes home tomorrow and we’re all excited to see her!!  I’m exhausted and am now ready for bed now that I got this post up!!

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