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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bellevue “Water” Park

Today was another hot day, mid-80s (hot but could be warmer in my opinion!), so we thought we’d pack the kids up and head to a new park in Bellevue that has TONS of squirting sprinkler toys!  It’s is the coolest place (no pun intended)!  Everywhere you look there are things squirting water!  It’s awesome for toddlers because their is no standing water and the ground is this bouncy material so kids if they fall don’t get hurt (or at least not as badly)!  It also has a nice playground right next to it to also play on!

When we first arrived all the kids (Madison included) were freaked out by the concept.  Maddie gradually warmed up and then Gabbi saw Maddie having fun so she jumped in.  The boys never really enjoyed it and wanted to stick right beside me or Jaime.  They played a little bit in near the water in this twirling ball thing, but for the most part just watched. 

Because the boys were so clingy it was hard to get many pictures, but here are a few of them!

Gabbi playing in the fountain 

See guys…even Emma likes the water!

Gabbi & Maddie chillin’ in the boat

Maddie climbing the Great Whale fountain 

The boys’ attempt at playing in the water!
Jack (left) & Nate (Right)

Snack Time! 


I highly recommend this park for anyone with small kids who want a fun and safe place to go and enjoy the water! 

16000 NE 10th ST; Bellevue, WA
It is located right behind Crossroads Mall, next to the 7-11 & Fire Station!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey Cori!
Just stumbled on your page as I was looking for pictures of the water park to upload for an event! I'm heading up a nanny group called "Emerald City Nanny Association"
I'd love for you to check us out! I'm making a page on facebook right now and we'll all be at the water park tomorrow at 10am. We'd love to meet you. I have an almost 3 yr old little boy and a 9 month old baby girl.

This is so random but you look like a great nanny and your posts are entertaining :)

Hope to run into you!

206 349 1622


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