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Friday, June 5, 2009

Kelly's Frog Prince

*Edited 6/7/09*

Brandi & I found our froggy again today on the front porch! How funny is it that he's sticking around! Alex wanted to name it, so we've come up with either Frog-bert or Frog-gelica. Still deciding :) Anyway, here is a picture of our new 'pet'!

Tonight as Brandi & I were finishing up a game of Phase 10, she noticed a frog hopping across the kitchen floor. I immediately squealed and she started telling me to go wake up my dad and there was no way she was putting it outside. I figured he'd be less then thrilled if I did that, but realized Kelly was in the den. So I quickly went to tell her, figuring she'd join me in the squealing department, but instead she went to work trying to catch it and put it outside.

By the time Kelly joined us it had hopped into the dining room and was making its way to the living room. Kelly cornered it, but just in time for it to hop under the piano. She got it out, and then once again it hopped under the piano. She finally coaxed it out again (with the help of a broom) and managed to assist it towards the front door where we quickly let it out.

Kelly talked about kissing it...but never did, better luck next time Kelly!

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