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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Duvall Place Grand Opening

Hopelink, the company my mom works for, and Friends of Youth had their grand opening of their new Valley collaboration of Duvall Place today.  

“The project is a partnership between Friends of Youth and Hopelink. The City of Duvall, King County, Washington State, community members and private foundations have helped make it possible. Completed earlier this year, the 11,836-sq. ft. building consists of eight units of housing and 4,200 sq. ft. of office space for a community services center providing mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment, outreach and counseling for at-risk or troubled youth, emergency services, employment services, and adult literacy and English-as-a-second-language classes, among many other offerings.”

For some strange reason my mom insisted I come even though I had triplets and Sophia, I in turn invited Jaime to come with me to help and bring her girls to the chaos.  We were supposed to be there to be community support, we were more comic relief then anything!

The Crew having a snack before the program started…not sure what Gabbi is doing!


The triplets (f-b)
Nate, Jack, Gabbi




We had to stay for the ceremony, which meant sitting in a hot parking lot (mid-80*s) in the direct sunlight with 6 tired and crabby kids.  They did really well overall, we had lots of licorice and  pretzels as bribery to keep them quiet.  The triplets started out in the stroller, but quickly wanted out. 

DSCN1998  DSCN2002
Listening intently to the speaker….or at least it appears Jack & Gabbi are!

Me and the kids sitting on the ground listening to the speakers

We made it almost all the way through the ceremony before they started getting antsy.  We moved inside and took over one of their conference rooms where they had fun writing/coloring on the white boards.  My mom promised the kids cake afterwards, so they were happy when it was done!

DSCN2008                           Let them eat cake!

DSCN2009                           My right hand man      

When it was over my mom came over and said “I so totally owe you”…still not sure why she’d want us to come!!  It was a fun and crazy afternoon, but it’s always worth it to go support a cause that’s important to you!

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terryandkrisstewart said...

Hey girl, fun to see how creative my family is. Your blog is adorable. Your mom is amazing with her organization. Miss you all! Love and kisses ~ Aunt Kris


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