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Monday, May 17, 2010


Very original title I know, I’m so exhausted this evening that I’m not feeling very creative.  However, I wanted to post these pictures of Julia & I painting the twins’ room today!

The boys each of their own “color” (a common occurrence for multiples), Connor is red and Aiden is blue.  So Julia wanted to find a design that would incorporate both of their colors and be something that wasn’t “to kid like”, but that they can grow with (at least the paint on the wall).  She found the perfect set Tommy Hilfiger American Classic (Aiden got the blue one and Connor got the red one).  After the bedding arrived, she got the great idea to do a nautical theme, which is perfect for their beachy lifestyle!  So she found a design online that she liked and we tweaked it to fit the colors she chose!

We started yesterday when I was up their with Molly’s kids for the weekend.  We moved the twins into Mackenzie’s room and vice-versa, to give the boys the larger room…that was a lot of work with just Julia & I, plus 7-kids who all wanted to ‘help’.  We also accomplished all the taping, so today all we had to do was paint.

DSC_0093The taped lines

I got up to Camano early this morning and met up with Julia and the girls at the hardware store to buy the paint.  We then headed back to their house and put the girls down for a nap before we got started!

DSC_0095Here is Julia while I started painting…yep she’s asleep!  But to her defense she had a horrible headache :(

I started painting and got a little bit done then she jumped in and quickly completed her redlines….with double coats….before I had completed the blue!!  Not sure of her logic since you can see how much BLUE there was compared to her puny red line!!  Oh well!     

      DSC_0097 DSC_0099
But since she finished her painting quickly, there was time for her to take photos of me working hard :)

DSC_0100 I bet you’re wishing you could have you’re hand covered in blue paint!!  Don’t worry, I know I’m messy but that was from removing an old roller brush from the roller!

We were able to get the boys room finished, cleaned-up and ready for them when they came home from school!  They were very surprised to see that we had painted it!

 DSC_0120 DSC_0112
Aiden on the left & Connor on the right

So here’s the finished product…Julia purchased a large (15”) red “C” and “A” that will go up on the sides of the window above the boys’ beds.  So when it is finished, I’ll post that, but they haven’t arrived yet so you’ll just have to wait!


I think it turned out super cute!  I didn’t take pictures of the entire room, just one corner to give you an idea of what it looks like.  The stripes go all the way around the room!  It looks great, I love it and another successful project for Julia & Cori!!

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