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Saturday, May 29, 2010



While blog hopping last night, I came across a blog that used blogfrog as a way to see who is stopping by their blog!  I quickly joined to see what it was, and it looks pretty cool!  I was able to link my blog and twitter account to it – it’s one source where I can see all sorts of my favorite blog posts and tweets in one spot!

If you’re interested click the blogfrog logo above, or toward the bottom of my blog I added a new widget that says RECENT VISITORS and you can click that to join!  Once you join come befriend me -

  1. sign in
  2. click FRIENDS (top tab on page)
  3. click FIND FRIENDS
  4. search: Cori
  5. Look for my picture – and it says my blog name Cori’s Big Mouth – CLICK THE FIRST OF MY BLOGS – somehow I have two…like I said I’m new!
  6. Click FOLLOW

Now you should be following me!! 

I also started my own “COMMUNITY” not exactly sure what that means – but see if you can find me!  My community is “Cori’s Big Mouth” Community!  Right now I’m my only member lol!

I’m new to this site as well, so lets learn together, shall we?!  Let me know if you learn anything cool!  I’ll be working on figuring it out as well!


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