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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Risked My Life…

or at least my toe, to save MacKenzie from falling off her bike!

Warning: nasty un-pedicured toes….I’m almost to mortified to post this!

My poor toe will never be the same again….well at least until it grows out an inch or two :-)

Julia is appalled and shocked that we spent all day together with her kids and Molly’s playing outside in the sun, especially after I just got BOTH of her lenses fixed…you’d think I’d be ready to break it again!


Jonathan and Cheri said...

your toe is going to grow an inch or two . . . and THAT is going to make it look better? LoL JK - I know you meant toe nail - but it was still funny to me =)

Cori said...

LOL Cheri...guess that teaches me to proof read my posts a bit more :)


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