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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming with Triplets …. X 2

This week Seattle has had record breaking heat…we’ve hit 100degreees the last couple of days! It is HOT HOT HOT! Luckily I have been working and could take advantage of the pool and A/C! So yesterday during the babies nap Kelly came over, and Alex was watching the Elkins Triplets so they came over too. We had so much fun swimming, not to mention stayed cool!!

Melissa, Kelly, Angelique, Alex, Kennedy

Kennedy jumping for the football

My big helper the last couple of days – Kelly


Melissa & Kennedy both jumping for the football!


The triplets….Kennedy, Melissa & Angelique

Then the babies woke up so they came in with us! Nate actually enjoyed the pool for the first time! Jack & Nate stayed on the ‘ledge’ (shallow area of the pool) where they could jump and play! Gabbi however is all over the pool!!

The boys with Melissa, Kennedy & Kelly


Jack & I swimming

Gabbi floating around


Cori & Gabbi

Kennedy & Nate

Here’s a 3minute video of the baby triplets & Kelly playing in the water! Don’t worry Kelly had it under control and I was ready to jump in and save anyone who was in trouble!!

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