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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Field Trip to the Airport

Today the triplets and I took a field trip to the airport to pick up Paul who was flying in from Florida. The babies did really well considering we left at 12:30 (nap time) and didn't get home until 3pm - all of that time was spent in their carseats driving to and from Seatac.

We arrived at Seatac and we immediately saw the new Sound Transit Monorail to which the boys yelled "choo choo train". Then just a few minutes later a huge airplane took off to which Nate yelled "choo choo train". Not quite Nate, good try though! Apparently they aren't aware of airplanes yet...but I have a feeling after today that's going to change!!

We arrived early and Paul hadn't even landed, so I went in hunt of a McDonald's to buy french fries to bribe the babies for the drive home (I didn't want them to fall asleep). So off we went, we drove probably 10miles and found NOTHING!! I mean NO fast food restaurants! We finally passed a Jack In the Box - which I HATE (after their ecoli problem years ago I cannot stand the place!)...but I was desperate and needed french fries - the babies were now chanting "fff-fry, fff-fry". Let me tell you, Jack In the Box has NASTY fries, maybe I just got a bad batch - but they were soggy and flimsy, just plain gross! But the babies enjoyed them, and it did keep them awake the rest of the ride home.

After that we picked up Paul and headed back to Duvall. Both Paul & I agreed it was really eary to see a set of baby triplets sitting in the backseat of the Elkins' car (I drove Charity's MDX). It totally was a de-ja view and brought us back 8 years ago to when Charity & Paul's triplets sat in their car seats in the backseat! Really odd feeling!! But their girls are now 10, and not babies anymore :(

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