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Monday, July 20, 2009

Den Re-Do

Last Saturday we had a major bathroom flood in our downstairs bathroom.  We didn’t realize how bad it was until the next day when we walked in the den and the carpeting was SOAKED.  I had no idea where all the water was coming from.  Finally made the connection it was from the downstairs toilet.  We had to pull back all the carpet and remove the padding.  den
             The den carpeting all pulled up and trying to dry

It took over a week  for the carpet to finally completely dry.  My dad had to go and buy a new carpet pad and then relay the carpet.  They then cleaned the carpets and were ready to move the furniture back into the den (or back into place). 

About a month ago, Alex completely re-organized and cleaned out the den.  We also used to have a television in here but it broke so we took it out.  Alex’s goal is to get a flat screen tv and add a chair or loveseat to make it into a tv room as well.  My parents finally agreed to it!  So we’re (someday) gonna get a new desk(s) for the computers, tv and some seating.  Alex is super excited – but in the meantime we re-arranged the desks and it looks 10x better!! 

                                                    After (and Alex) 

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