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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Today was another ordinary Sunday. My mom and dad were visiting Grace & Leslie in Olympia and helping them move into their new house, so it was just me and Alex going to church. It's nice that we once again have the 9:00am time, so that means up early, but also done early!

I got released from nursery a couple weeks ago, after serving in it for over 3 years, and immediately went into the intermediate primary. Our ward (not including nursery, I'm pretty sure) has 190 kids, so we have it split between nursery, junior, intermediate and senior primary. I was assigned to the 3rd CTR 6 class, and have 6 very active kids...4 boys and 2 girls. I hate to admit it but I think nursery is easier!

I'm struggling to figure out how to bring reverence into the classroom when all the kids want to do is chit-chat, climb on the chairs, climb under the chairs on and off the window sill, etc. So my goal for the week is work on some sort of reward system (and we aren't allowed treats, so there goes that great bribe!). It's definitely a fun age and a great class, just not something I'm used to, so I'm working on figuring out how best to serve these kids!

After church, Alex and I went home, she baked cookies for us while I started my homework (btw it is now 11pm and I still have homework to do...luckily I'm almost done). Alex, Brandi, Erin & I had "Christmas with the Elkins" this afternoon and brought our cookies and presents over to the triplets house to exchange gifts. Because of the snow, flooding and then the flu we had to keep postponing our get-together. We had a nice little celebration, I got more gifts (yay!) and we just talked! It was fun to be together!

After that I came back to...Jaime and the girls stopped by to join myself, Alex, Brandi, Erin & Kelly for dinner. I made everyone sloppy-Joe's (Yummmmmy!) all by myself and everyone was impressed. We hung out for awhile and then back to homework I went. Except for a brief break, I have been working away at my homework.

Are you getting the gist of my day ... basically all I did today was HOMEWORK. Ick! And tomorrow starts another week...WEEK 4 though, that means I'm 1/3 of the way through the quarter!! But tomorrow also is my long day! I need to finish up my homework so I can go to bed and won't have to do it in the morning!! I plan on sleeping in!!

EDIT: At 11:52 I finished ALL my homework now I can sleep in, in the morning! YAHOOO!!

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