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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Emmalee Paul Fields came into the world today at 1:42pm - she weighs 6#11oz and is 20" long!! She looks just like Madison did, and Madison is sooooo proud of her little sister! Here is a couple videos and pictures from today. These are a all off of Erin's camera since both Brandi & I forgot ours, so luckily Erin saved the day with hers. Jaime of course has her camera but we figured it would be rude to steal hers!

Jaime headed into the hospital this morning about 530am and at about 630 was admitted and got a room at that point she was 4cm dilated. At about 10am she got her epidural and was still at 4cm, they told her they would break her water in about an hour. So at about 12pm they broke her water and her doctor told her that if she didn't progress and dialate more in an hour she would start her on pitocin. Jaime didn't need the pitocin however she went from 4-10 in just over an hour. She pushed for 18minutes and then beautiful Emmalee made her debut!

We headed to the hospital and got there about a half an hour later. Zak took Madison up to meet Emmalee first and we (Brandi, Alex, Erin & I) waited about 10minutes before we got to go! We spent all afternoon and most of the evening there. Madison got to help give Emmalee's bath and thought that was pretty cool and of course she got to hold her!

Now on to what you all want to see ... pictures and video!

Emmalee getting her footprints done - the nurse is in the way at first but she moves and you can get a good look at Miss Emmalee!

Emmalee and Jaime will be released from the hospital tomorrow around 1:30pm!! Sue is coming into town tomorrow as well, so it should be a fun day!!

I plan on making a video montage in the next few days - or maybe this weekend!! So stay tuned for more fun pictures and video!

1 comment:

Amy said...

The first thing i want to say is Not Fair! lol I am very jealous that she only pushed for 18 mins. With my luck, I'll probably be pusing for 2 hrs again. Congrats! She is a cutie! Can't wait to hear how Maddie does with a new baby in the house.


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