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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandi & Emma's Baby Blanket!!

Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday Dear Brandi;
Happy Birthday to You!!
Hope you had a great birthday!!! I had fun at the Cheesecake Factory tonight to celebrate it!!

The last couple of nights, Brandi & I have been working on Emma's night-night blankie. Brandi made one for Madison and this time I helped!! We (okay B) bought the fabric a couple months ago but then we never got around to sewing it. We picked out 3 different fabrics and then cut them into panel's, sewed them together and then we snipped the edges to give it a frayed look.

We originally had 9 strips of 6" fabric plus 9 more strips of 4" white to separate the colors - after we had sewed all of them together and laid it on the floor to pin the backing to it we realized it was HUGE. And way to big to be a baby blanket! So we had to take it apart to make a couple of smaller ones. We ended up with one the size of a receiving blanket and perfect for the car seat plus another one that's bigger that will be more of a crib sized blanket!! They both turned out really cute...and amazingly they look good!! Not to bad for a couple of amateurs like Brandi & me!!

Whole Blanket (yes I realize my picture is sideways!)

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