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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emma Meets Grandpa Scott & Grandma Holly

Today Scott & Holly came to meet Emma for the first time and of course I had to be right in the middle of it all!! Madison was shy at first but quickly warmed up and was then in her 'show-off' mode!

I also learned that Scott & Holly follow my now I have another reader and know it's not just me making people read it ;) Unfortunately, no pictures were taken with Holly in them today, but maybe tomorrow!

Grandpa Scott & the girls (not sure what's up with Em!) See Julia ... she does have eyes...and they are big like Mads!
Checking Eachother Out
Here Mad is in her Nemo costume during her 'show-off' period!

There's a picture of Scott holding Mads that looks just like this!
Introducing Emma to basketball!
Proud big sister!
This girl could use a modeling agent :)

Happy Saturday!!

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