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Friday, January 16, 2009

LONG and yet really unproductive Day

Yesterday was a long day and yet I feel like I got very little accomplished, which is sad because I had tons I needed to get done. Which meant I stayed up really late doing homework and then was up again early this morning to finish. Last night I had a study session for chem and then a nursing application meeting.

I had to finish my chemistry homework and have it submitted by 11:00pm and then I had my theology worksheet I had to complete and then had to read a few pages of another book, take notes and prepare for a quiz on it today. It didn't seem like that much work - and I figured if I went to the SPU library and spent all afternoon I could get it all done - no problem...NOT!

I arrived at school about 2:30 and worked non-stop on my chem homework, but by the time I had to leave (about 6:30) to go to my study session I had accomplished maybe 5 problems out of the 12 or so I needed to get done. I was feeling very discourged and frustrated since I knew I had a LOT of theology homework still to do. I went to my chem study session and actually was able to get some answers to finish up the problems for my homework that I was struggling on, so that was nice. I think I submitted my assignment at 10:59pm, but still had 2 problems for the life of me I couldn't solve. Oh well...

I also went to the nursing application panel meeting - where there was 4 nursing students and a faculty member who were there to answer any questions I might have and help tell how to best write your application, essays ,etc. It was very informative, and I was happy I went. I learned that GPA isn't the only thing they look at - and many of the students on the panel didn't have the best grades either, but they still got in. They really just look at your essays and how committed you are to things - do you follow through? do you have passion? Since there isn't an interview - you have to show who you are through your essays. They strongly suggested having lots of people proof-read your essays and put lots of time and energy into them, as they can make or break your chances. I left feeling very anxious since the time is now here for me to apply, and yet more relieved to hear that the panel of students who got in didn't have perfect GPAs, very little volunteer experiences, etc - but they all had a passion and proved that in their essays. So we'll see ... next week my goal is to get my application done!!

After I got home, I had to get back to homework...I worked until about 1am and then had to quit. So I got up again this morning and finished it all up. It feels good to be done and have that pressure off of me! Not only that, once I get through my theology class today (and take the quiz), there is a LONG weekend for me and I don't go back to school until next Wednesday evening!! YAY!! I will survive ....

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