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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, it is true...the 44th President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama! How awesome is that and how far has America come in the last century. During Obama's acceptance speech he talked quite a bit upon the change that America has seen over the past century and yet we still have a whole long way to go! It' should be really exciting to see what changes come upon America in the upcoming months and years! His speech tonight brought tears to my eyes about how proud I am to be an American and to have been able to be apart of such a monumental day in American History, and went to the polls and voted for him! What a remarkable day this has been!

Since I live in a family of clothes and fashion freaks...we all were discussing the outfits they were wearing and we came to the conclusion that Michelle Obama's dress was really ugly! It looked like she was wearing a pumpkin dress! The dress also made us question if she was pregnant, if she's not it definitely wasn't very flattering! And Jill Biden's suit was a hideous yellow color NOT patriotic at all! The 4 of them standing together on the stage they just looked silly!! LOL!

Oh...and because the world does revolve around me I thought I'd share my exciting election news with ya'll!! Ready...I was the 100th person to vote at my 'station' and the 499th person to vote at the Duvall Church School!! I was a bit annoyed not to be number 500, but I still was close!!

Jaime: I agree about the clothes they were wearing. I did think that the kids looked cute though:)

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