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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Almost Killed Erin...

Tonight I had to run to Alec's work to pick up my coat that i left when I was visiting him and Julia last. I didn't want to drive to Mercer Island alone, so I dragged Erin along with me. We got their easily (only made one wrong turn - which for me is impressive) got my coat and headed back.

Now remember I live in Seattle where it rains a lot - so we were driving on the freeway, it was raining cats and dogs and we were talking. To the left of me there was a metro bus with his blinker on to move into my lane. I was already next to him so I quickly sped up to get in front of him. I didn't realize that the two lanes were actually merging into one - and Erin is sceaming at me.

I finally realized they were merging and really gunned it to get infront of the bus. We were side by side for a few seconds in the same lane...I giggled, Erin didn't find it to funny!! But once again, she survived another trip with me!! Sorry Erin!

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