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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Flood of '08???

We are flood watch as we wait to be an island once again. The city where I live is on the Snoqualmie River which is one of the biggest rivers in the state. There is only 4 ways in and out of Duvall - 2 of them across bridges and 2 on rural roads (running alongside the river). So when the Snoqulamie River floods all our access ways out of Duvall flood as well - turning the city of Duvall into an island.

According to Komo News....

"King County officials said with the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers under historic
flooding conditions, they fear the situation may worsen overnight" (
Rumor around town is that by 4am both bridges out of town will be flooded - and we'll all be stuck. Two years ago we had the worst flooding ever (they are saying tonights could now be worse) and here are a few pictures that were taken during the November '06 Flooding...

November 2006 Flooding

124th Bridge
You see the orange sign that is a 'normal' sized street sign. All the 'lake' is normally grassy-farmland!

Madison & Jaime by the Flooded Bridge

Here is a picture of Madison & I during the flood at Jaime & Zak's apartment in Duvall...look how little she was!! She would have been about 8 months old here.

It will be interesting to see if the flooding is that bad was absolutely amazing how much water there was!

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