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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Worlds LONGEST Day

Mondays are my LONG day for school - I leave a little before 10am and get home about 9pm. During that 11 hour period I have 8 hours of class - with an hour off here and there. Well today I had NO time extra. I was literally running from class to class. By the time 5pm came all I had eaten all day was a small thing of yogurt on my way to school. My head was pounding and I was starting to feel a bit faint - so I knew I needed food. Unfortunantly I had NO time before my chem last started so I quickly ran to the campus 'food mart' to grab a King Sized Kit-Kat bar to give me some energy and hope that my headache would subside (and it did) and a bag of doritos. That was my 'dinner'. Of course my chem lab was the longest yet - and we didn't get out until 8:30, so by the time lab was over I was exhausted and still had to drive to Jaime's.

Finally made it to Jaime's a little after 9 and was starving and exhausted. Made a quick croissant-ham sandwich and got back to work again. I spent the next 3 hours working on more chemistry homework until I finally gave up for the evening. I had gotten my chem homework score to 174/180 - I figured that was fine - plus I emailed my prof to ask for help on one problem and my chem tutor on another, so hopefully I can get the last 6 points - YES I AM A PERFECTIONIST. So hopefully tomorrow I'll get emails back to finish up that assignment.

Jaime is 30 weeks today - yay Jaime! It is getting closer and closer to January 19th when she is due to deliver baby Emmalee. I'm staying over here tonight to hang out tomorrow (my day off and Veteran's Day). I have been helping her start to 'nest' and declutter/deep clean her home. Each Tuesday we are tackling just 1 room. Last week it was the family room and tomorrow I think we're doing Madison's room (yikes!). Wish us luck!

Tomorrow Amy finds out if she's having a boy or a girl. I have a gut feeling its a girl - but another feeling that it could be a boy. Yes I know it's 50/50 and I've covered both my bases with that statement! But I can't decide! With Jaime we all just knew it was a girl, so it wasn't much of a surprise! So I can't wait to here what she is having!!

Okay now it's 12:20am, I really should get to bed and officially end this worlds longest day!

P.S. Thank you Brandi for making my cute topper to match my page!! I love it!!

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