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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mish-Mosh of Posts

Here is a mish-mosh of things I wanted to it's a bit jumbled with no real theme to them -My Here is a mish-mosh of things I wanted to it's a bit jumbled with no real theme to them -My chem test, my slacker stats lab partner, my cold, Julia's pictures continued, dumb T-Mobile & more layouts! Kind of a boring post, but felt like including it anyway!

Chem Test:
My chem test is OVER - and amazingly enough I felt like I actually knew what I was doing...that's always a great feeling! It was a bit long, but that was okay with me because that means more points available and in gen-chem every point counts! Now I am off until next Monday, so I get a nice LONG Thanksgiving Break!

Slacker Stats Lab Partner:
Okay so in my stats class we are working on a large group project seperated into 3 segments and we work with two other classmates in order to complete it. Well two weeks ago myself and one of my lab partners were present in class to work on the assignment. We got through 5 of the 6 questions that day. Last monday we all met again, but it was decided that skipper lab partner would complete question #6 for us and email the completed assignment by Thursday for editing. Needless to say that didn't happen and I had to go and complete question #6 today. I hate when my credibility and grade is on the line when someone else is responsible for it. Makes me really nervous, I prefer to have control over it.

My Cold:
I have a very congested head right now with my neck being super sore and pain shooting down my spine. I went to the doctor today to just make sure it wasn't a sinus infection, but I turned out to be okay. Sounds like this virus is running rampid right now, I found out that even my grandma has it. Very painful and it lasts at least 2weeks...great! So I will be taking a regimine of 600mg of Ibprophen three times a day to help with the pain.

Julia's Pictures Continued:
Well it's official the PICTURES ARE ALL BACK!! Wahooooo I can breathe a sigh of relief. Alec was even able to sort them into different folders by year, month and activity and prepare them for burning onto CDs. I am SOOOO happy that mess is behind us now!!

Dumb T-Mobile:
So back in July I switched cell phone carriers and moved to T-Mobile and got a Blackberry. When I purchased the Blackberry there was a $100 rebate offered. I went home and completed and submitted the rebate, cut out USB numbers off the box and included the receipt...then I waited. I was expecting the rebate to come any day now, and was looking forward to the $100. Well tonight while going through my mail I found a letter from T-Mobile saying I hadn't included everything for the rebate to be accepted ... oh and the letter was mailed in early SEPTEMBER. OMG! I quickly got on the phone with T-Mobile to see what I had missed and found out that not only did I need to include the USB code but the ENTIRE side of the box my phone came in. After I completely dismantled my box, I re-sent it in...and now have to wait another 8-10 weeks for my check. So much for having it in time for Christmas at this rate I hope its here before July when I'll have had my phone a year!

More Layouts
Can you tell I'm in a bit of a scrapping mood!! Brandi & I are going to try to scrapbook again this next weekend!!
My Layouts
Madison, Jaime & Sophia riding the historic merry-go-round at The Woodland Park Zoo
Easter 2008
Madison searching for Easter Eggs and eating Easter Dinner!
Carving Pumpkins
Our family carving pumpkins this past Halloween!
Brandi's Layouts
Pumpkin Time
Madison at the pumpkin patch picking her pumpkin
I challenged Brandi to this kit...figured it would be as challenging as the other Halloween one I completed at the crop! Sure enough it took her almost 2hours!

At the Beach
While going through Maddie's clothes she came across this bikini that was WAY TO SMALL for her, but insisted on wearing it anyway....on top of her onsie! She then said that the laundry basket was her beach! Silly kid!
This layout was a make & take from last years CSCC, that one of us finally used!
Madison wearing Zak's Red Sox hat looking cute!

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