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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Great Newspaper Hunt

Tonight was our monthly "Girls Night Out" and it was finally my month to I of course picked The Olive Garden. Which happens to be my favorite resteraunt in the whole wide world! I have been looking forward to this for a long time! Anyway.... Charity got their late (shocker, I know), but told us she had stopped at a couple of stores to pick up a newspaper to save. Brandi then realized she hadn't bought a newspaper either and she loves to collect them. So off we went after dinner on the Great Newspaper Hunt.

We went to a couple of grocery stores, Fred Meyer, gas stations, fast food resteraunts and even a Park 'N Ride - but sadly there were no newspapers. I told her she might as well face the fact that she'd have to buy one off of Ebay! I told her I'd post onto my church's message board (since most Mormon's wanted McCain to win - I figured someone was bound to be willing to give away their paper) and I'd check to see if you could order back issues from the Seattle Times. So she finally dropped me off once we'd hit all the places we could and went home feeling defeated!

I got home and like I pomised posted onto my church's message board. I then went to the The Seattle Times website to see if I could order back issues - and found out that YES YOU CAN! So I sent them an email asking how I can go about picking one up! So we'll see!

Oh and Brandi also checked out Ebay...and they are already available for buying on Ebay, here are 2 of the higher priced auctions ....

The New York Post ~ Starting at $75.00
The New York Times ~ Starting at $399.00

Erin: OH MY GOSH!! $400 for a newspaper??

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