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Sunday, November 16, 2008

CKCC Layouts!

Thanks to JULIA for stitching my layouts together after I panicked and realized my program was gone!! Thanks Julia I really appreciate it!!

Over the two nights of cropping and about 8 hours, I completed 5 layouts (7 pages), and I was really happy with the pages I got done! I just scrapped Madison (Brandi too), I just didn't have the energy to dive into my cruise photos...that just scares me! Here are the layouts that both Brandi & I did over the last couple of days.

Erin also completed 2 layouts (4 pages), but took hers home so I wasn't able to scan them in to share! I have to say though that Erin was my savior last night!! I found this pumpkin patch kit that I figured would be 'quick and easy' so I decided to just 'throw it together before doing layout!! Turns out this kit was HARD. It had paper piecings to cut and put together, chalking & markings to do and then try to put it all together! This layout took FOREVER! It was after 11pm and the crop ended at 11:30 and I still hadn't started assembling my layout. Erin came to the rescue and helped me finish it up so I could get it all completed before the end of the crop! It was close but we FINSIHED!! Thanks Erin for helping me!!

One of the things Brandi & I do when we scrapbook is challenge each other to use paper and/or pictures that we might not use otherwise! Some of our 'challenge' layouts turn out to be our very favorites because we are ... well ... challenged!

Oh and the only way to scrapbook is with kits!! I have been a member of a scrapbook company for many years, but unfortunantly they went out of business. But they would make several monthly kits. These kits include all the coordinating papers, embellishments and ideas to make your own fantastic layouts!! These are a must for me because I HATE picking paper to go with pictures, so I LOVE kits! But like I said the company I've purchased kits from for years is now out of business so I'm looking for a new company! If you know of a great kit company please let me know!!

Best Friends
Sophia & Madison posing at the Woodland Park Zoo

Madison sleeping in the car
Challenge: This was a leftover kit from a previous layout one of us did. All that was left in this kit was the paper and the large 'X'! So the 'X' was the big challenge!

Going Up
Madison over the summer figured out how to climb UP the slide

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Madison 'gardening' with my mom.
I actually picked out the kit because I LOVED it, and then had to find the right pictures!

Punkin' Pickin'
Madison at the pumpkin patch!
This was a kit I purchased at the CKCC a couple years ago! It was nice to finally get to use it!


A Mariners game this past summer with Jaime, Zackery, Madison, Alex & I

Love: My Mom & My Friend
Jaime & Madison just snuggling one evening before bed.

I Love You
Madison trying a cupcake for the first time and trying to share with Alex!

First Day of School
My mom & I goofing off as I headed off to school. I was already with my backpack and goggles for chem lab...all I was missing was my lab coat!
Challenge: This was a challenge photo I gave to Brandi...okay so it was all because it was me!!

Face Painting
Not quite sure where this is, but I think the idea is pretty self-explanatory! I LOVE the look Madison is giving on the bottom photo!

Madison wearing Alex's necklace on Easter last year!


The Mom said...

Great layouts! You guys got a lot done!!

fields.jaime said...

Madison getting her face painted is at the Aquarium in Seattle:)

Kelly said...


Jacque said...

Awesome layouts! I love the Going up - the circles are my favorite! Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!


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