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Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Poop on the Hippo" for Dinner

Yes - you read that correctly, according to Madison we ate dinner at "Poop On The Hippo" - also known as Buca Di Beppo! We all got a good giggle everytime Madison would say where we were going for dinner!! To add to our dinner, Madison wanted to be a 'twin' with me so we wore our matching SPU sweatshirts (ahhh cute!) and Madison referred to me as 'big twin' and she was 'little twin'! Lots of fun!

The rest of the day we spent going to Costco then hanging out at Jaime's while Madison napped. After dinner we went to JoAnn's to buy fabric for the baby blanket Brandi is making for baby Emmalee. That took quite awhile to find the right fabric, then determine the correct about to buy, getting it cut, etc. By the time we got home it was already bedtime for Madison, so she went to bed and we watched tv. Brandi & I are also going to a 2 night crop next weekend so we had to get our scrapbooking stuff organized to take with us. Now she's working on the topper for my blog and I continue to move my blog from myspace to blogger! Pretty exciting day!!

And in case you were unaware...I am now at blogger and am slowly moving all my previous posts from my myspace blog to here!! Brandi is working on a fun topper/header that I hope we'll get added tomorrow!! Otherwise, I really should get to bed - I have nursery tomorrow and need to rest up for that!


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