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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a FUN halloween this year! We started 'celebrating' on Thursday night with our annual Family Pumpkin Carving Party. We all carved pumpkins and had soooo much fun removing the 'pumpkin poop' (what Madison called it). The pumpkins included....4 dancing ghosts (made by me), a cat (brandi), Barack Obama (jaime), the democrat 'logo' (mary) and a vampire (alex). Plus my dad and Madison both did 'old fashion' ones! So we had quite an eclectic variety!

On Halloween afternoon we (myself, Erin, Jaime & Madison) went with Kim, Sophia & the triplets to "trick or treating in downtown duvall". Sophia was 'supergirl' and the boys were bumblebees & Gabbi was a ladybug. The cutest costume of course was Minnie Mouse Madison! We had fun walking up and down Main Street while Sophie & Madison went store to store in Duvall.

After that we went back to my house and waited for 'real' trick or treating. But by then Madison was way overtired and pretty grumpy. She got spooked by a 'scary ghost' that came to the door, so she didn't really want to go out. We walked up the street but only went to the Harrington's before returning home.We had a GREAT Halloween here - hope you did as well! And I will leave you this evening with our Funny Story of the Night!

*DOOR BELL RINGS* Both my dad & I go and answer the door and standing at the door is Barack Obama! As Barack was leaving my dad said "hey Barack check out your pumpkin". Barak looked down at the pumpkin and then back at my dad and at the pumpkin again - sort of waved to my dad as if he was acknologing my dad. Then turned around a left...

My dad and I looked at eachother dumbfoundly trying to figure out what had happened....we finally realized that we think Barack thought we were calling HIM a PUMPKIN! At that moment we both started laughing histarically! And continue to laugh about it from time to time when one of us brings it up!

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