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Thursday, November 6, 2008

MaDiSoN tHe DeViL cHiLd

Okay I think (and Jaime gave me premission to post) that the devil has taken over our sweet little Madison Sophia. The easy going - go with the flow - very rarely naughty little girl! Over the past week she has done a few things that really stressed Jaime out, who has started contracting over it (not good). But regaurdless, I still find it kind of humerous. Jaime says "probably because it's not your kid" - good point...but I still get the giggles when I think about a few of the things she did this week!

1) Last weekend, we were hanging out and Madison was in her room playing (or so we thought) and I started to smell chemicals. Jaime quickly jumped up to go and check on Madison - and she had gotten a hold of the 409 bottle (how we're not quite sure) and was 'cleaning' her room. OMG what a mess and I've never heard Jaime scream so loud!

2) On Saturday, she climbed over the gate into Brandi's room and before anyone realized she had - she had 'painted' Brandi's bedroom wall with hand lotion! Needless to say Brandi wasn't real thrilled

3) On Tuesday, I was at Jaime's helping her begin to de-clutter her house now that she's in a 'nesting' mode. So each week we're gonna deep clean one room in her condo. This week we did the family room, but anyway that's beyond the point! While Jaime & I were cleaning, Madison came out and she had LOTION all over herself. Jaime once again ran (okay really waddled ) into Madison's room to find her room covered in Lotion, Butt Butt Paste and Vasoline! She had climbed her dresser and got her diaper cream basket off of it! Another mess!

4) Today, Jaime was in the shower and she heard Madison talking to her, and kept telling her "I pooped". Jaime told her "okay i'll be just out and will change you". When Jaime came out she found Madison without a diaper or pants on...and immediatly thought the worst Madison had actually pooped in her little potty (and had taken out the 'bowl' that catches the poop - so she just pooped into the potty!). But in doing so I had also got poop all over the carpet. While Jaime cleaned it all up, Madison kept saying "I'm potty-trained mamma" so proud of herself!

Can't wait to hear what mischief Madison gets into tomorrow! And Good Luck Jaime!

Erin: She is potty-training herself :)

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