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Friday, August 6, 2010

Regrets? Yes? No? Maybe?

Last week after not participating in Word Up, Yo! with Liz, Kristin and Natalie, I was in a serious Hot Mess!  But never fear, I’m back this week to link up, and be named made man DON!!  Watch-out ladies I’m getting all nostalgic on ya’ll this week as I’m oozing with effervescence!

On Tuesday, I talked about my excitement of my new schooling endeavor and saying au revoir to nursing (at least for now!).  Since posting that, my mind keeps circling back to a conversation I had four years ago, with a school advisor.  During that appointment, we were going over my GPA and future goals, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, she looked at my grades and let me tell you, they were anything but effervescent.  I’ll be 100% honest, I struggled with the science classes I had to take for nursing school.  Maybe, struggled isn’t a strong enough adjective, the science classes were HARD, and didn’t come easy for me, I retook several of them twice, and on a couple of occasions three times…just because I so desperately wanted to get into nursing school. 

That day, the advisor advised me that maybe nursing wasn’t right for me.  Well, NOBODY tells this effervescent girl, she can’t do something!  So maybe, chemistry didn’t come naturally to me but I was going to try my hardest!!  I figured that since I I really enjoyed the labs, the effervescence of blowing up, mixing and making different things excited me, I could study hard enough to make it.  I enjoyed going to lab and following the procedures, however what I didn’t like was the hard tests, complicated formulas and non-stop memorization that was required. 

I continued to want to prove that advisors wrong, and trust me I tried.  I tried and tried and tried.  I applied twice to nursing school, have $20k in student loans trying to get in.  You (& I) can’t say, I didn’t try my hardest, do everything that I could in my power to get into nursing school.  I tried, truly I tried.

Do I regret needing to prove that advisor wrong four years ago?  No, well maybe a little, but had I stopped back then and listened to her, I wouldn’t have grown like I did.  I learned SOOOO much in my many chemistry, anatomy & physiology and biology classes.  Nobody can take that away from me.  I needed to do everything I could to reach a dream.  Not only that, but I I proved to myself, that I am able to try and do anything I want! 

I am soooo proud of myself for the work, time and energy I put into it.  While I’m not giving up a dream, I’m ready to move on and act on a new one.  This effervescent girl, doesn’t give up, never have and never will!!

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Week 8
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KLZ said...

Damn, you are positive and persistent. I never want to be opposite you in a fight.

I mean that in a great way.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely one very persistant and dedicated person, I'm almost, No, I am positive that I would never be able to be that persistant, kudo's to you! During my time in the military I did quite a bit of medical training, I was training to be a combat medic/RN in the real world. Anywho, it was the hardest thing, and I never made it through!

Farah Jasmine said...

I'm glad you're happy doing something besides nursing. It's so hard to not be determined as heck to prove someone wrong, but there comes a time and a place to say "Yeah, maybe not so much"

Hope you're having a great Friday!

Kati said...

I totally feel you. I am currently an LPN going forward with my RN and looking even further to my MSN. I have a few science courses left.. and let me tell you.. it is HARD. I am awful at memorizing information and I can't tell you how much I have struggled through many many nursing courses.

I applaud your persistence.. but in all honestly.. real life nursing is NOTHING like school. It really teaches you next to nothing and most of your learning experience comes from in the field.

Best of luck in whatever career path you decide to take!

L. Eleana Johnson said...

We change, we grow, we move on. I'm happy that you are happy with the decision to move on. I'm in the process of doing the same thing. I want to write, and I know I can do it, if I just discipline myself and lock the kids in their rooms, lol!

urban muser said...

Sounds like you are very determined. Good luck with the change and wherever that takes you!

Sherri said...

You have more drive and determination than I have in my pinkie toe....and I think you are right that if you hadn't pursued what you THOUGHT was right for you, think of all that you would have missed out on!!

Life is a journey, and you don't always know what roads you will take!

Kristen said...

Good for you! Not only did you use the word of the day all over this post, you just ooze positive attitude!

motherknowsless said...

The only person who can define you is you. I love your take charge attitude! You go Girl!

liz said...

you're just destined for something different, and something that will be a better fit for you!


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