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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blame & Sympathy

Yep.  That’s how I roll, I like to blame others and get sympathy.  Some people would say that’s the perfect equation to lose friends….but it’s the truth.  Well maybe not the blame part, I will step up if I was truly at fault, but still…I’m human, don’t we all wish we could blame others for our flaws and faults?  It would make us seem so much more, well perfect.

Right now I wish I could blame someone for this darn cold I have right now.  Yes, a cold on the 1st day of August, how unfair is that?  I thought long and hard about who who the culprit could be and came up with this…

  • My friend Erin: She had a bad cold last week, unfortunately I wasn’t around her at all recently.  Darn probably got to cross her off my list.
  • My cousin Jaime: She woke up with a cold yesterday and I spent all day with her.  Double darn, probably need to cross her off my list too, because there’s really no way I could get sick this fast from her.  That and we’ve been together daily for about 5 days.  She must have just got sick first.
  • The Gremlins: I mean the triplets and all the little kids I spend time with.  Unfortunately, none of them have been sick lately. 

Guess, there’s only one person who I can blame….MYSELF…yes it pains me to admit that, but this wouldn’t be the first time!  I wish I could throw the blame at someone else, but I have no real proof of where it came from, it would be mean of me to just blame it on someone with no proof, wouldn’t it??  [See I can be nice!] 

If you have sympathy for me [c’mon I know you do, or at least make me think you do!], I’d love to hear your remedies to get rid of this cold.  It’s 8:02pm, and I’m in bed, getting ready to take some Nyquil, so I can breathe and get a good nights sleep.  And, if you REALLY wanted to show your sympathy, feel free to grab my button I just recently made for my blog and add it to your blog roll!

Hope the rest of you are feeling healthy!  Hope I can get back to normal status again real soon!! 


Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

just added your button to my blog roll!

Sandra said...

I'm showing you sympathy, grabbed your button (nice touch with guilt 'grab my button' things! I'm impressed!)
As for what to do to get better, it'll have to run its course. Sorry, no better words of wisdom for you :(

Rheanna Bristol said...

Hi, I'm new from The Friday Follow. A little late, I know. But I am your newest follower.
Love the blog. Triplets? Holy Moley! If they started coming three at a time at my house, that would be crazy! I bet your a great Mom. Nice meetin' ya!

liz said...

you'd think that being a nanny for so long that you would practically be immune to getting colds.

viewfromdownhere said...

Ooh, you could also blame it on shopping carts. If you go to a grocery store or Target and you touch the handles on the carts, they say you can spread germs that way. So you can blame it on that, too.

Zinc is supposed to help. I always drink hot tea when I have a cold. With a little bit of whiskey...that would help the throat :-)

Sherri said...

Hmm, I'm thinking there MUST be something/someone else you can just makes you feel better, don't you think??

Probably those people who sneeze into their hands, then push the grocery cart. That's it.

Hope you're better soon....hate having colds.

Hannah said...

LOL, I hope you feel better! I wish I could blame someone for the stomach bug my boys have but I don't know who they got it from! I feel your pain, it really would be so much easier to blame someone! I hope you have a good week despite the cold!

~ Mona said...

Cori, I feel for you... today I woke up sneezing! WTF! I can't believe this!
I already have your button ; )

Ewa said...

I hope you feel better soon,nice cosy blanket and cup of hot tea
I grabbed your button :)

Farah Jasmine said...

Hahaha. Feel better soon!

Daisy said...

I still stand by my sentiment that grabbing someone's button sounds lewd. Summer colds are yucky. It's really, really true that homemade chicken stock helps....but no one with a cold has the energy to just whip that up. I think we should all make and keep a quart in the freezer whenever we are up for it to use later in emergencies like this.

motherknowsless said...

You have my sympathy now keep your feet warm and have chicken soup - yes it really works!

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