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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cute Preschool Board Game!

Today I was babysitting for some family friends and I was introduced to an adorable cute preschool game Froggy Boogie

froggy boogie

This game is a new and improved Memory game that helps preschoolers with their MEMORY and COLOR LEARNING skills!! 

Object: You’re trying to get your baby frog from the big lily pad all the way around all the big frogs and back to the big lily pad without getting caught! 


How Do You Do This?:

  • Roll the 2 dice, and they will roll two different colors, you then have to “find” the big frog that has those 2 colors on them
  • Once you find that frog, you have to pick one of his 2 googly eye’s.  One of the eyes with have a green frog stamp under it and the other one will be blank.  You want to pick the BLANK eye, you get to move one lily pad to the right! If you pick the eye with the green frog stamp, you stay put!
  • Continue play until someone goes all around the ‘board’ and is back on the big lily pad!

        froggy1 froggy2 
              Picking the BLANK eye                 Picking the GREEN FROG eye!

The little boy I was watching and I played this several times!  This is a great game!  I definitely am going to look into getting it for either the triplets and/or Madison & Emma!  FUN and educational!



*I received NOTHING for the review of this game, this was all and entirely based on my experience playing it!*


Sherri said...

OK, that's seriously cute! I love games like that to give as gifts for my niece and nephews....since I'm pretty sure my two won't play them with me!

Emily - faliLV said...

That is super cute!! :) Feel free to email in ideas for toddler thursdays. I couldn't access the normal linkup I use, and so I had to use another one. I am sorry about that! Please come back next week. :)

Pixel Berry Pie Designs said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my FB page to like me. I liked you back and also a new blog follower! Your kids are too cute!

Simply Sophisticated Events said...

Such a cute game and it's a great ideas for our brides who want to keep children busy at wedding events such as showers, engagements parties and so on.

Great blog, glad we got a chance to meet from the BlogFrog community :)


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