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Friday, May 21, 2010

Worlds Largest Donut!

Yesterday afternoon I had to run to the post office to mail a package and we drove past the Duvall Farmers Market.  We had an hour or so to waste so I decided to stop.  It was small, but fun.  Gabbi & Nate did the kids craft and painted with vegetables…turned out really cute.  Jack wanted nothing to do with it!

After we walked around (took about 3 minutes…did I mention it was small!) we finished our tour with a stop at the bakery stand where they had delicious baked goods.  I couldn’t resist this HUGE donut…the kids didn’t either!  Between the four of us we demolished it in about 5 minutes! 

This donut is in a normal round cake box!

donut2Trying to get the 3 to look at me to take a picture with the donut to give perspective to the size!  It didn’t work so well as you can see!

donut3 donut4  
Did I mention how yummy it was??!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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