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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Emma’s Walking!

Yes, it’s true the Princess is now a walker!  While she’s not quite walking 100% of the time, she’s definitely choosing now to walk without thinking about it…meaning she’ll be standing by the couch and want something across the room, she’ll walk to it.  She still needs to use something to help her stand up, but after that she’s all over the place!  I’m so proud of her!!

The final poll was…


I’m gonna go with the winners being the 3 people who voted for the option of “Next Week (5/2-5/8)”!  She was walking like crazy today at the Triplets birthday party (stop by tomorrow for more on that!) and I have no doubt by Saturday she’ll be a walking machine!  Just in time for Mothers Day next Sunday!  Oh Happy Day, for Jaime!

With that being said….what I don’t get is, only 5 people voted…I checked and in the last 24 hours 13 different IP addresses have viewed my blog, and yet only 5 people have voted in the 4 days the poll was up….strange!  So I ask….if you didn’t vote, why?  Did you not understand how to vote?  Didn’t know where to vote?  Didn’t care to vote? 

I’m just curious….and to re-test my question….I’m going to start a new poll… VOTE, see the top left side of my blog, there will be a poll….vote by clicking on the circle next to the option that fits you best and click VOTE.  That’s it, voila!  You have voted!  The poll will be open until Next Sunday, May 9th at 8:44pm!  Let’s see if I can get more than 5 votes on this poll!

Until next time…

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