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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Birthday Party

I figured it would only be fitting to have a trifecta of posts, in honor of the triplets third birthday, so here goes that final post!  (See HERE and HERE if you missed the first two posts). 

Yesterday the triplets had their birthday party.  It was a small family-close friends party, the best kind in my opinion!  Of course the favorite part for the kids was the PRESENTS!  They scored, like they always do!  Lots of fun new toys and clothes for the summer (now if only summer would come….).       


Wanna know what I got them?  I’m very excited and proud of my gift, and if you ask Kim, I’m sure she’d say my gift was her favorite!  No, it was clothes (I did get them each an outfit) or toys (I am guilty of getting them some of that too!), it was this …

toteYes, I got them a big ugly Rubbermaid storage container…oh it has WHEELS too!  You might ask, why did you get them this?  Well, it’s quite simple, I wanted a large storage box for all of the outside miscellaneous toys (balls, buckets, shovels, etc) with wheels that I could drag in and out of the garage when we’re playing outside.  So, yes, i got them this, and am darn proud of it! 

Okay, enough of me going on and on about my wonderful gift, the other highlight was CAKE and singing “Happy Birthday”!  Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday was also Ryan’s 3rd Birthday so he too got in on the cake action!  He actually blew out 2/3 of the candles, Jack got the other one!

DSC_0196The Cake
Spongebob as the most unisex cake available!  I think it is cute!!   Love the individual ‘flower’s’ with their names!  DSC_0204
Ryan & Jack blowing out the candles!


DSC_0231Emma excited for some cake!
 DSC_0227Nate, Jack & Gabrielle
 DSC_0221 Bet you can’t tell what color the frosting was?!

  Still cannot believe that the triplets are three years old!  Like I said in earlier posts….the time has just flown by!  I love these kids, I have the best job in the world!!


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