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Monday, May 24, 2010

Starting the LONG Process

of making the Cruise 2010 video montage!

I spent the day today uploading, sorting and organizing photos from my camera & video camera along with the photos from Alex, Kelly, my dad and Aaron's cameras.  You wouldn't believe the number of photos we took, and I still have two cameras to upload (Brandi & Jaime's).  Looks like this will be another fun video!  However, don't be expecting this to be posted anytime soon...I think this is going to take a long time to make!  Plus, we (Brandi and I) aren't sure what we're making it for: fun or as Christmas presents.  So we need to figure that out!  But, I made a small dent in the hard work of finding and uploading I need to finish uploading the last two to our desktop computer and start the upload process to One True Media....that along takes forever in itself! 

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